MAN Trucks


MD Trucks, Big Collection of MAN Trucks


MD Trucks one of the biggest international MAN Trucks selling companies in Holland. We sell to any place in the world and have permanently 200 MAN Trucks in stock. We take care of a quick proces in the settlement of all the customs formalities. We transport and ship the MAN trucks to different destinations all over the world. It is possible to load the trucks and trailers in a safe and efficient way to reduce the costs of the transport of the MAN truck/trailer.


Always 200 MAN trucks and trailers available.


Our company has always 200 or more MAN trucks available. We offer:

  • All European Truck and Trailer brands
  • All models and different years of construction
  • Big price range

If you are looking for a 20 year old truck or a brand new one. MD trucks has it all. Due to our big and divers amount of trucks we have trucks for every customer.


Our showroom of MAN trucks


All our MAN trucks and trailers are shown with extensive specifications an multiple photo’s on our website. You can easily compare everything in the truck overview. Interested? It’s always possible to visit our showroom in Hazeldonk, Breda in the Netherlands. You can watch every MAN truck and trailer and it’s also possible to make a testdrive. Contact us for a visit. Or contact us for help or advice and we would like to help you with finding the right truck.


Professionality and knowledge about MAN trucks and international business


MD Trucks is doing business with countries all over the world. We have lots of international experience. Due to our experience we have the knowledge, expertise and experience to help you the right way. We know everything about MAN trucks and trailers and all the register documents that belong to our costumers when buying a MAN truck.


Proces of Delivering a MAN truck


We keep in touch with our clients 24/7 about the proces of delivery. We will inform you about the payments, documents and planned transport/shipment data.


More than just MAN trucks and trailers, MD Machinery


MD Trucks has more than just MAN trucks and trailers. We also offer different vehicles like: Vans, Concrete mixing Trucks, Vacuum cleaning Trucks and other Machinery Trucks. We also have lots of different components for machinery trucks.